Top 70 Strongest Dragon Ball {Z/Super/GT} Characters [Video]

Top 70 Strongest Dragon Ball {Z/Super/GT} Characters [Video]:
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Hello everyone!!!!!!!! Here's a top strongest list of the Characters of Dragon Ball Z, Super, & GT This is based of the Original Manga, Anime, Filler, Ova, & All 15 Movies Honorable Mentions: Saiyans, Adult Goten & Trunks Some Movie Characters Videl, Kibito Supreme Kai Supreme Kais Grand Supreme Kai End of DBZ Goku & Vegeta If there's something wrong or out of order, that's my fault. I've made this over 6 to 7 Hours straight with no break. Hope you enjoy. :) Thumbs Up if you like Dragon Ball Songs: DBZ Tarble Theme Hip Hop Remix DBZ Funimation Anthem Hip Hop Remix DBZ High Tension Hip Hop Remix DBz We Gotta Power Opening Hip Hop Beats