REAL Reptilian Shapeshifter : See An Actual Shapeshift on "Lost" [Video]

REAL Reptilian Shapeshifter : See An Actual Shapeshift on "Lost" [Video]:
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To View ALL "Lost" Shapeshifts: On the PROVEN FACT Channel we explain WHY shapeshifts occur and we ZOOM-IN so that they can be consciously perceived...In this episode of the "Lost" series we find Sayid displaying his iris outside of his eyelid at the traitorous Michael. This kind of shapeshift indicates malice and dangerous intent. "Meet Kevin Johnson" is the 80th television episode of the American Broadcasting Company's (ABC's) Lost and the eighth episode of the fourth season. "Meet Kevin Johnson" first aired March 20, 2008, on ABC in the United States and on CTV in Canada. Most of the narrative of "Meet Kevin Johnson" consists of a continuous flashback showing what happened to Michael in the month that he spent away in New York and on the freighter, primarily his recruitment aboard the freighter Kahana as a spy for the Others. Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews) confronts Michael about his motivations, and the narrative shifts into an uninterrupted flashback of Michael's life after escaping from the island. Sayid, appalled by Michael's association with Ben, exposes his duplicity to Gault. Real Alien Reptilians "Reptilian Shapeshifters" Greys Grays Ufo Sightings "Unidentified Flying Objects" "Alex Jones" Ancient Aliens" Angels Apocalypse Doomsday "Area 51" "Bible Codes" Conspiracy Cults "David Icke" Demons Exorcism "Crop Circles" Ghosts God Annunaki Anunnaki Haunted "Alien Hybrids" Illuminati JFK "Kennedy Assassination" "Mind Control" NASA Secrecy "New World Order" Nostradamus "Aleister Crowley" "L. Ron Hubbard" Rockefellers Bloodline Royals "Royal Family" "Katy Perry" "Lady Gaga" Rhianna "Jay Z" Kesha Madonna "Mark Dice" Beyonc� "Music Industry" "Satanic Rituals" Documentary "Michael Jackson" "Twin Towers" "Bush Family" "Loose Change" ISIS "World Trade Center" "Denver Airport" "End Times" "Jesse Ventura" "Conspiracy Theory" ETs "The X-Files" CIA "Art Bell" "Coast To Coast AM" "Stanley Kubrick" "Eyes Wide Shut" Celebrities Musicians "Family Guy" "Alien Abduction" "National Treasure" Documentary News Media Clip Pics Photos Images Pictures Footage Report Interview TV Show YouTube "Robot Chicken" "Ghost In The Shell" "The Animatrix" Cyberpunk "Underworld" "Kate Beckinsale" "Transformers" "Interstellar" "Christopher Nolan" "Inception" Japanese Cartoons Anime "Comic Con" Cosplay Convention G4 "Olivia Munn" Episodes "Heavy Metal" "Rob Zombie" Aliens "Star Trek" "Star Wars" "Battlestar Galactica" "Doctor Who" "Watchmen" "Starship Troopers" "Alien" Videogames "Heroes" Gamers Games Toys "Action figures" TMNT "Megan Fox" "X-Men" "Science Fiction" Clones "Video Games" NASA Moon Planet Stars CGI "The Matrix" "Jupiter Ascending" "Mila Kunis" "Stargate SG1" "Stargate Atlantis" "The Thirteenth Floor" "Existenz" "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" "Stanley Kubrick" "2001" "Event Horizon" "Blade Runner" "Akira" "Ghost In The Shell" Japan Manga Outerspace Battle Explosion "Nuclear War" "Ancient Aliens" "Post Apocalyptic" Apocalyptic Apocalypse "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Mutants Wolverine "Hugh Jackman" Storm "Halle Berry" Illuminati Satanic Devil Evil 666 Reptilians Psychics ESP Occult Supernatural Paranormal Mystery "The Twilight Zone" "Rod Serling" Thriller "Michael Crichton" "Jurassic World" "Jurassic Park" Tech Technology "Alien Abduction" "Close Encounters" "Steven Spielberg" "George Lucas" "Avatar" "James Cameron" Ufo Spacecraft "Space Shuttle" "Space Station" Rocket Earth Mars Martian Asteroid Fantasy Extraterrestrials ETs "Area 51" Spies CIA Cyberpunk Zombies "World War Z" "Resident Evil" "Milla Jovovich" "Tomb Raider" "Angelina Jolie" "JJ Abrams" "Lost" Scary Gory Syfy Frightening Chiller Action Shocker Violent Films TV Shows Movies DVD Trailer Preview 2015 2016 New Latest Hottest Hot Best YouTube Videos Vids Scenes Hollywood Cinema Theatrical "Movie Stars" Celebrities News Latest Magazine Website "Adult Swim" Geek Disney DreamWorks Pixar "Firefly" "Serenity" "Joss Whedon" Galactica Buffy RPG "Role Playing Game" "Dungeons & Dragons" Gameplay SF Hentai "Talk Show" Guest BioShock "Halo" "Doom" "StarCraft" "Dead Space" "Outlast" "Silent Hill" "Falling Skies" "Cowboy Bebop" "Ergo Proxy" "Full Metal Alchemist" "Appleseed" "Akira" DeviantArt "Visual Effects" "Japanese Anime"