"UBIK" Pt. 1 Sci-Fi Horror Movie Inspired by "Blade Runner" "The Matrix" "Robot Chicken" & Anime [Video]

"UBIK" Pt. 1 Sci-Fi Horror Movie Inspired by "Blade Runner" "The Matrix" "Robot Chicken" & Anime [Video]:
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Ubik Chat Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBiHiShnhso Ubik Episode Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvZbfEITS3A&index=3&list=PLZCMN_NjT43IJeigjSFv0BDFK0ePi5APH "UBIK" (Part 1) 2015 SCIENCE FICTION / HORROR Comics In the future, a special investigative agency called The Runciter Organization played by Telly Savalas "Kojak" Jamie Foxx "Amazing Spiderman 2" Sarah Michelle Gellar "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" "Scooby Doo" and Dan Aykroyd "Ghostbusters" "Saturday Night Live" pursues the telepathic renegade 'Jory' played by Jack Nicholson "Chinatown" "Batman" to an asteroid in the depths of outer space. Disaster and mystery confound the Runciters as they confront the powerful, deadly mutant. Based on the classic novel by Philip K. Dick author of: "Blade Runner" w/ Harrison Ford "Total Recall" w/ Kate Beckinsale & Colin Farrell "Minority Report" starring Tom Cruise "A Scanner Darkly" starring Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr "Radio Free Albemuth" Beautiful actresses / models Christina Lindberg & Soledad Miranda were Euro Sex Goddesses for their seductive, erotic films of the Seventies & star in UBIK. "Eldritch" movie link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1-L5p3lwW8 Illuminati Vs. Philip K. Dick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-Y5geA_ywk "Robot Chicken" "Conceptual Art" Photography Erotic "Nude Photography" "Graphic Novel" Hentai Illustration Photos Photoshop Art Artists Illustrators "Ghost In The Shell" "The Animatrix" Cyberpunk "Underworld" "Kate Beckinsale" Hinshin "Transformers" "Interstellar" "Christopher Nolan" "Inception" DBZ Japanese Cartoons Anime Otaku "Comic Con" Cosplay Convention G4 "Olivia Munn" Episodes "Game of Thrones" Dany Daenerys "Emilia Clarke" "Heavy Metal" "Ralph Bakshi" "Rob Zombie" Aliens "Star Trek" "Star Wars" "Battlestar Galactica" "Doctor Who" "Watchmen" "Starship Troopers" "The X Files" "Alien" Videogames "Heroes" Gamers Games Toys "Action figures" TMNT "Megan Fox" "X-Men" "Science Fiction" Clones "Video Games" NASA Moon Planet Stars CGI Computer Generated Graphics Shooter Online Universe Corporations Espionage "The Matrix" "Jupiter Ascending" "Mila Kunis" "Stargate SG1" "Stargate Atlantis" "The Thirteenth Floor" "Existenz" "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" "Stanley Kubrick" "2001" "Event Horizon" "Blade Runner" "Akira" "Ghost In The Shell" Japan Manga Outerspace Battle Explosion "Nuclear War" "Ancient Aliens" "Post Apocalyptic" Apocalyptic Apocalypse "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Mutants Wolverine "Hugh Jackman" Storm "Halle Berry" Catwoman "Professor X" "Patrick Stewart" Picard Kirk Spock "Super Villains" "A Clockwork Orange" "Dawn Of Justice" "The Force Awakens" Cryogenics Illuminati Satanic Devil Evil 666 Reptilians Psychics "Scanners" "David Cronenberg" "Videodrome" ESP Robots Androids Droids Cyborgs "Trans humanism" Occult Supernatural Paranormal Mystery "The Twilight Zone" "Rod Serling" Thriller "Michael Crichton" "Jurassic World" "Jurassic Park" Tech Technology "Alien Abduction" "Close Encounters" "Steven Spielberg" "George Lucas" "Avatar" "James Cameron" "Special Effects" Interview Clips "Making Of" "Deleted Scenes" Metaphysical Spiritual Ghosts Spirits Angels Demons "Remote Viewing" Telepathy Myths Legends Mythology "Genre Films" Superheroes "Super Heroes" Superman Ironman Spiderman Hulk "Wonder Woman" "The Dark Knight" "Alan Moore" "Neil Gaiman" Danzig "John Carpenter" Futuristic Animation Animated Soundtrack Techno Electronic "Virtual Reality" Internet "Gravity" "Sword & Sorcery" Magic Dragon Quest "Alien Invasion" "Flying Saucers" Ufo Spacecraft "Space Shuttle" "Space Station" Rocket Earth Mars Martian Asteroid Fantasy Extraterrestrials ETs "Area 51" Spies CIA Cyberpunk Zombies "World War Z" "Resident Evil" "Milla Jovovich" "Tomb Raider" "Angelina Jolie" "The Walking Dead" "Dawn Of The Dead" "George Romero" "Stephen King" "Richard Linklater" "Stan Lee" "JJ Abrams" "Lost" Scary Gory Syfy Frightening Chiller Action Shocker Violent Films TV Shows Movies DVD Trailer Preview 2015 2016 New Latest Hottest Hot Best YouTube Videos Vids Scenes Hollywood Cinema Theatrical "Movie Stars" Celebrities News Latest Magazine Website Cinema "True Blood" Comics "Motion Comics" "Comic Book" Documentary 2016 Sequel "DC Comics" "Marvel Comics" "Iron Man" "Adult Swim" Geek Disney DreamWorks Pixar "Firefly" "Serenity" "Joss Whedon" Galactica Buffy RPG "Role Playing Game" "Dungeons & Dragons" Gameplay SF BioShock "Halo" "Doom" "StarCraft" "Dead Space" "Outlast" "Silent Hill" "Falling Skies" "Cowboy Bebop" "Ergo Proxy" "Full Metal Alchemist" "Appleseed" "Akira" DeviantArt Digital Editing Photoshopping Costumes "Visual Effects" "Japanese Anime"