inside the mind of manaze episode 1 (Impossible.Rave:.2d version Remastered) [Video]

inside the mind of manaze episode 1 (Impossible.Rave:.2d version Remastered) [Video]:
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Worlds most advanced computer graphical interface animation of a rave. This is the 2d version, worth watching over and over again. This is the remastered 2015 version created with various animation and movie editing software. This is the most advanced Rave ever created on youtube. It took 45 days to complete, and another 100 hours of converting time using a 7200rpm standard hard drive. Censored for children viewing. The software used to make this episode 1 is called "iclone". I tried my best to remove all the adult content as much as possible and I cut portions of the video clips out so It was viewable for 13+. I was hoping you creators could analyze my work and tell me either in google plus or youtube comments about what you think. There actually some hard working models that I purchased that are showcased in the movie itself. I tried to be colorful as possible and things eventually started comming along nicely. Let me know if I went a little overboard, or if I should show you creators another on. I would love feedback. thanks! The goods or the bads. And yes I am not a bot lol -Manaze Done in 1920x1080p 5000kb/s