Ginger's Eyes On � Raven Rockette [Video]

Ginger's Eyes On � Raven Rockette [Video]:
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When you have your first threesome and lesbian sexual experience before you get out of high school, well, you might just end up in the adult movie industry these days. Pushing a decade in the business at the time of this interview, as you might imagine, Raven Rockette has no trouble opening up to Ginger. From a youthful experimentation with a �back massager,� Raven considers having much less anxiety approaching other women now a notable industry perk. Makes sense, and the fact that Raven still describes her vocation as one where she �gets to� have sex on cue probably means she made the right career decision. Of course any person with a personal philosophy of �don�t worry about it� could likely be successful in a lot of areas. Fortunately for fans, Raven chose a naked one.